Mission Statement
The Kids Connection values the
 importance of caring for your children.
We strive to maintain a clean, friendly, 
and secure center where your child
will be provided with a variety of 
 opportunities to learn in a fun, loving 
environment that fosters imagination, 
  social-emotional growth, personal independence
and a sense of community.

 Our staff members are trained to implement a variety of POSITIVE GUIDANCE techniques if behavioral problems occur. Each class varies in its approach to discipline based on the age of the children in the class. However, the over-all philosophy remains the same:
  •  Children learn more effectively when they feel safe and loved.
  • Guiding children toward desired behaviors helps them to make good decisions and correct their own mistakes in a positive way.
  • Helping children solve problems that lead to misbehavior teaches them a valuable life skill and builds their self confidence.